Google mixes up AdSense

Written by Glen Chivers

June 23, 2006 | 06:54

Tags: #adsense

Companies: #google

Google has confirmed that its ever-so-popular AdSense programme is in for a change - with some advertisers now only paying out when the advertised site actually benefits from that user visiting it.

This would lead to reduced 'click fraud', a growing problem for Google, where currently users click on an ad without any intention of buying goods or even taking a look at the site advertised, in order to generate revenue for the site which the ad is hosted.

The scheme, which is currently being trialed, will be called "cost-per-action". This does not seem such good news for webmasters who rely on these ads to fund their web hosting bills, although it seems unlikely that Google would really cripple its main source of income.

'Action' is defined as filling in an email address or buying a product.

Do you think a cost-per-action programme would be superior to cost-per-click or not? Bear in mind that cost-per-action may have a higher cost to the advertiser, depending on how much their goods cost. Let us know your thoughts over in the forums.
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