Internet killed the radio star

Written by Ryan Garside

May 15, 2006 | 21:18

Tags: #analogue #internet #radio #virgin

More people are listening to the radio over the internet rather than analogue methods, according to a study by Virgin.

Roughly a quarter of people listen online compared to only 21% listening through the traditional analogue broadcasts. The other areas are made up with 17% using digital radio whilst 9% listen to the radio through their TV. The remaining 29% represent the radio irregulars who do not tune in every day. The survey related to listeners outside London.

The news is promising for radio companies who may have been worried that the move to online radio stations would prove unfruitful. The online format has allowed many radio stations to build up in popularity such as former pirate radio station XFM and student run university stations.

However, some have previously suggested that radio would struggle to compete, as iTunes' popularity has soared with an increasingly available specialist Podcast market.

Director of Digital Media at Virgin Radio, James Cridland, is not fazed by the iPod's challenge, pointing out that of the top 20 most downloaded Podcasts, all of them were professionally produced. He claims that although the amateur Podcast can target a very specific audience, people generally want a brand name radio station producing what they listen to, which will always keep stations like Virgin at the top of the radio pile.

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