LG releases hybrid HD-format player

Written by Brett Thomas

January 4, 2007 | 16:37

Tags: #bluray #hd-dvd

Companies: #lg

A short bit of news from the realm of HD Video:

For all of the talk that the "format wars" were heating up to a boil, it seems that all we've seen is some tepid water. Scarce BluRay players, slow HD-DVD sales and a lack of titles have really hindered the next big revolution. One of the biggest issues has been consumer lack of commitment to one or the other type of player - but now, they don't have to.

LG has announced the world's first hybrid player, which is capable of playing both HD-DVD and BluRay discs. The player is scheduled to make its debut at CES, so you can be sure you'll be hearing more about it when we're on the floor next week. According to the release info, the player will actually be available for sale in "early 2007."

The news comes hot on the heels of hybrid discs, but a hybrid player would be a bit more functional for consumers. How well the device will actually work, its expected cost, and other bits of necessary information are of course not yet available. However, it's certainly the trend to look towards - in the world of formats, the only true winner is simplicity.

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