Bit Torrent In not evil shocker

Written by Jason Cundall

June 2, 2005 | 13:07

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As we have seen in the past, P2P isn't a black and white issue - whilst services such as BT are undoubtedly used for illegal file sharing and abuse of copyrighted material, it's also used as a legitimate delivery channel to the good of the copyright owners, as this article explores:

Film and television executives no doubt wish the increasingly popular BitTorrent peer-to-peer file-sharing system never saw the light of day. Thousands of consumers are using the software to download hundreds of movies and hours upon hours of television programming.

But one industry's threat is another's opportunity. There's an upside to allowing viewers to transfer copyright material content over BitTorrent.

As noted by Japanese entrepreneur Joi Ito, fans of the Japanese anime series Naruto regularly post translated episodes of the show to BitTorrent, which attracts more fans to the series.

The relatively obscure program has spawned a global following in online forums, internet relay chat channels and fan sites.

More on the 'light side' of BT from Wired, and don't forget to let us know what you think of the whole P2P vs the establishment fight here.
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