Pitch your games idea at the London Games Festival

Written by Ryan Garside

September 19, 2006 | 16:02

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So you fancy yourself as someone with good ideas? Liked watching the Dragon's Den? Then perhaps an event at the upcoming London Games Festival will tickle your beans. It's called the Lizard's Lair, and it’s a chance to get your own game designed.

I'll give you the blurb from the site:

The Lizards Lair will be open to anyone who has a great idea for a video game and wants the chance to pitch it to the top people in the industry. This is your one chance to get in front of the people who decide which games are made, present what you see as the next Lara, Sonic or Mario and perhaps change the world of video games as we know it.

The Judges will be key industry movers and shakers including Ian Livingstone, creative director of Eidos and the man responsible for taking Lara Croft from a handful of pixels to a global superstar and Paul Durrant, director of Dare to be Digital, the premier games creation competition in the UK.

For those unfamiliar with the Dragon's Den, it's an absolutely brilliant show on the BBC, where designer hopefuls present a business idea to a group of investors and try to bargain to get investment. The gaming equivalent will see wannabe developers pitch an idea for a game, attempting to convince seasoned games designers and publishers that their idea is best. In essence, you'll have a chance to show the biggest names in the industry that you've got fresh ideas that could make a big selling game.

You need to be quick though, entries for the competition close this Friday at 1pm, with the final event taking place on October 3rd. To enter download this word document, fill in all the relevant areas and send it off. The final shortlist will consist of ten people, with the show being performed in front of a live audience, television cameras and of course the Lizard judge panel!

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