MGM arrives on iTunes at last...

Written by Joe Martin

April 11, 2007 | 20:18

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Companies: #apple

They may be a bit late on the scene, but it seems like MGM have at last decided to jump in with everyone else and embrace the joy that is iTunes, according to the latest Apple press release.

MGM have previously been linked to other digital movie distribution services, like the Unbox service offered by Amazon, though this is the first time they've struck such a deal with Apple.

Classic action movies like Ronin, Robocop, Mad Max and the Sylvester Stallone punch-fest, Rocky are now available at what Apple calls 'near-DVD quality' (640x480 4:3 versus 720x480 16:9) for the usual price.

MGM have made over 500 movies available initially, but we movie lovers suspect that list will only grow as Apple continues to devour all forms of entertainment (ironically) like a maggot in an apple.

If you've got an opinion on any of MGM's movies, or just fancy a place to mouth off then pop down to our forums - it's where all the cool kids hang out!
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