Redmond instigates mandatory piracy check

Written by Jason Cundall

July 26, 2005 | 12:07

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Microsoft is tightening controls on downloading Windows updates, in an attempt to lessen piracy of its products. All non - security related updates to XP Home or Pro will require the user to prove that their copy of the product is genuine:

Microsoft has stepped up its fight against software piracy by requiring users to verify their copies of the Windows operating system.
Anyone downloading updates for Windows XP will be required to check that their operating system is genuine.

Security updates are exempt from this in order to prevent people spreading viruses across the internet.

A third of software worldwide is fake, according to industry group, the Business Software Alliance.

More from the BBC here.

So - if you find out that you have a hookey copy of the OS, you get the chance to play stool pigeon on the supplier of your hot copy of XP to get a free, legit copy. And reduced prices if you keep schtum about your sources...

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