MS wants visually interesting Vista boxes

Written by Brett Thomas

August 8, 2006 | 16:09

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In what could be described as both "a bit surreal" and "a nod to the modding sector," Microsoft has gone a step farther than just releasing hardware specifications for Vista. Apparently, MS isn't very interested in just a little logo saying "Vista" on the case this time - the company recently released an entire Industrial Design guide to help PC manufacturers add some flair to Vista-ready computers.

The kit has been distributed to around 70 companies so far, with most of the distribution to PC assemblers like Dell and HP. Hardware makers have also been included in the loop, as MS wants to make sure that there are accessories and peripherals that match the "Vista look." Even a couple design firms have been given a peek, to help bring future products in line with the concept.

Unfortunately, until everyone's favorite employee (Mr. Industry Insider) slips a copy out to someone, the details of the kit are a mystery. All we know is that MS defines Vista's look as "simplicity and elegance." In an e-mail to eWeek, a MS representative stated:

"We developed the Industrial Design Toolkit as a way to easily show our partners how they can build PCs and devices that reflect the creativity and uniqueness of the Windows Vista UI, with the end goal of creating to a deeper level of cohesion between Windows Vista and the hardware that supports it."

Time will tell what MS considers to be simple elegance. Do you think it's a good idea to push PC makers into prettier boxes due to the OS? Are you just happy to see another push towards more attractive set-ups? Let us know your thoughts in our forums.
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