Microsoft sued over WGA... again

Written by Brett Thomas

July 5, 2006 | 15:54

Tags: #bill-gates #sued

Companies: #microsoft #wga

Just a quick news bite for those following the MS WGA debacle that we reported on earlier:

Documents have now been processed and made public which indicate that MS is being hit with a second lawsuit over WGA, filed just four days after the first suit. The second suit alleges roughly the same thing as the first, but goes into detail about exactly what data MS collects when WGA phones home.

The suit alleges that WGA collects very identifiable information including IP address, BIOS data, system version, and local language and settings information. It further goes on to state:

"WGA gathers data that can easily identify individual PCs, and WGA can be modified remotely to collect additional information at Microsoft’s initiation."

You can read more at CIO.

Another day, another lawsuit. Bill is just not having a very good week over there. If you have a thought on the matter, feel free to drop it in our discussion thread.
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