Microsoft takes on JPEG with Windows Media Photo

Written by Wil Harris

May 26, 2006 | 09:57

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Microsoft is planning to oust JPEG as the picture format of choice with its new competing format, Windows Media Photo.

Unveiled at its WinHEC conference this week, Microsoft says that WMP gives a better picture quality and lower file size. Pictures can sport multiple print formats for better quality output, and the format can also offer lossless encoding.

The specification has hit version 1.0, and Microsoft is now in talks with various industry bodies about the best way to proceed. The firm is integrating WMP into its XPS document specification, which also includes a Microsoft replacement for the PDF document format.

You can check out MS' page for WMP here. It's not yet known whether MS plans to make this an open standard or whether it plans to license the technology for cash. We'd suggest that doing the latter would really limit the impact of it!

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