Milton Keynes gets WiMax

Written by Wil Harris

August 21, 2006 | 14:05

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Milton Keynes is to become the first UK city to get a large-scale rollout of WiMax, thanks to broadband legends Pipex.

MK has traditionally suffered in the broadband stakes, since its use of aluminium phone wire, rather than copper, rather limits the speeds that can be had down the line.

WiMax is the long-range version of WiFi. It is theoretically supposed to allow speeds of 50Mbit and up within a 3-4 mile radius of a hotspot. It was originally designed to help get broadband to rural areas, but the economics of population density mean that the first rollouts, due in 2008 from Pipex, will occur in major cities including London and Manchester.

The Milton Keyenes trial could roll out as soon as early next year. Intel already has a functioning WiMax 'hot zone' operating from its headquarters in Swindon.

We look forward to seeing what the new WiMax standard can offer. Do you inhabit Milton Keynes? Or are you out in the sticks, hoping to get some decent net speed? Let us know your thoughts over in the forums.
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