More Blu-ray confusion with new releases

Written by Brett Thomas

August 29, 2006 | 15:01

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Either Reuters is completely confused, or the Blu-ray content makers are. It seems that many groups promising to release Blu-ray content have promised 75 new...pieces of software? It just goes downhill from here, folks...

The announcement was made in Japan, where the releases will be aimed at. They refer to the content as "software," but the statement included such titles as "The DaVinci Code" and "Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl." Now, as sure as we are that games bearing these titles do exist, we are pretty sure they're talking about movies. One could technically call movies "software," but we wouldn't. And why not?

Well, first of all, there aren't really many Blu-ray movie players in Japan. Sony doesn't even have a timeframe for a player launch (outside of the PS3), and other companies aren't exactly flooding the marketplace. One of the few commercially available products is Sony's Blu-ray computer drive sold with its VAIO computers, but that cannot play movie discs due to a limitation in firmware...hence why we'd like to correct the word "software," because that at least has a readily available player.

So, yet again, we are left with Blu-ray confusion. There are apparently going to be 75 software titles that are really two movies (named so far) going to a market that has nearly no capability to play them. Feel free to try and elucidate this muddy blue mess in the forums.
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