Mum beats RIAA

Written by Wil Harris

July 17, 2006 | 11:03

Tags: #downloading #filesharing #illegal #mum #music

Companies: #riaa

A mum that the RIAA sued for illegally filesharing has successfully beaten off the legal advances of the industry moguls.

Debbie Foster, mum to Amanda Foster (who was also sued by the nice chaps) was sued for her daughter's alleged illegal activity. The RIAA kindly offered the single-mum the opportunity to settle out of court for $5,000, but Ms. Foster declined and fought the prosecution.

When it came to court, the RIAA couldn't provide any concrete details or records of the alleged activity, and had to ask the court for permission to withdraw its complaint against Ms. Foster. The court promptly declared her the winner and instructed the RIAA to cough up her legal fees.

So it seems like the organisation was trying to extort money from a mum without any actual evidence of what it was she was alleged to have done wrong. What a spectacular public relations own-goal, and further proof (if any is needed) that the recording industry in the US is utterly failing to grasp its place in this new, digital, online world.

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