NEC talks up Quantum Crypto advances

Written by Jason Cundall

June 2, 2005 | 13:48

Tags: #encryption #quantum

Companies: #nec

NEC has been giving details on advances it has made in the field of Quantum (Read: unbreakable) cryptography, which has allowed it to achieve continuous quantum cryptography final-key generation for two weeks straight:

Japanese boffins have succeeded in achieving what's touted as the World's fastest continuous quantum cryptography key generation. Researchers from NEC, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology and the Japan Science and Technology Agency achieved a fortnight-long, continuous quantum cryptography final-key generation at an average rate of 13kbps over a 16-km-long commercial optical network.

Developments in producing a low-noise photon receiver and an alternative-shift phase modulation method permitted the advance. An average quantum error rate is 7.5 per cent and the average final-key generation rate is 13.0 kbps was achieved during the experiment.

More from el Reg here, and you can discuss quantum to your heart's desire in the news discussion forum. If you're lucky, our resident expert (Dr Cheese to you and me) may drop in and add his two penneth to the commentary.
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