Net usage down post Pirate Bay

Written by Ryan Garside

June 2, 2006 | 14:57

Tags: #net #piratebay #torrent

In the on-running saga into the legality of The Pirate Bay, rather shocking evidence emerged concerning internet usage in Stockholm before and after the BitTorrent community site was taken down.

As we reported yesterday, The Pirate Bay was shut down after a police raid which saw servers being taken as evidence. During this time these graphs show exactly what impact that had on the downloaded data through the Stockholm exchange. Due to the Pirate Bay shut down there was almost 5 Gb a second less downloaded yesterday than on an average day, perhaps evidence that demonstrates the phenomenal amount of illegal file sharing that is going on at the moment in Scandinavia and presumably the rest of the world.

After being completely offline yesterday a quick visit to The Pirate Bay today provides a message confirming the news we brought to you, as well as assurances that the site will be fully functional again in a few days.

What happens next is anyones guess, and with The Pirate Bay claiming it will move its servers abroad, the question of how or when this situation will be resolved remains a long way off.

Let us know your views on the tables and what evidence they provide over in the forums.
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