OSx86: The crackdown begins.

Written by Jason Cundall

August 22, 2005 | 12:44

Tags: #cupertino #mac #tiger

Companies: #apple #intel

It comes as no great surprise that Cupertino's legal team rumbled into action late last week, to try and stem the flood of info on the leaked Intel developer version of OSX, or OSx86 as it's more commonly know around the Web:

Apple's legal department this week sent "aggressive" emails to several web sites that support and advocate its products solely because they linked to videos showing a hacked version of the company's Mac OS X operating system running on off-the-shelf PC hardware.

French language Mac news site MacBidouille was one of the first web sites to receive an "amazingly aggressive email asking for the immediate removal of all links to the videos," the site reported on Wednesday.

In an editorial, the site's publishers said that they immediately complied with Apple's requests, but added: "we deeply think that it will not change anything."

More from AppleInsider here.

Inevitable? Of course, and one of the reasons I posted the public service announcement in the OSx86 thread last week - I can't imagine that any of you would like to get your collar felt by one of Steveo's legal beagles...

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