Office 2007 goes gold

Written by Wil Harris

November 7, 2006 | 12:04

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The new version of Microsoft Office has gone gold, meaning that the final code has been released to the disc manufacturers who will be knocking out millions of copies of Microsoft's latest word processing suite.

The software will be available to businesses on November 30, along with Windows Vista. Availability to the general public will come at the beginning of 2007, with Vista slated for a January 30 release and Office following shortly thereafter.

The new version of Office sports a completely redesigned user interface, with context-sensitive 'ribbon' menus replacing the old toolbar and menu combo. The new ribbon interface is designed to make it easier to access more advanced functionality and to get simple things done quicker.

The Microsoft Business Unit hauled in $3.4bn last year, and 90% of that was due to sales of Office. MS is hoping that the upgrade to 07 will spur on a further growth in revenue. However, many businesses will surely be asking themselves - do they really need another version of the software? Aren't employees doing perfectly well without?

If you happened to be on the Beta, do let us know your thoughts on the software over in the forums. Otherwise, join us to speculate on whether or not it will prove to be a worthy upgrade.
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