Office 2007 trial available for free on the net

Written by Ryan Garside

June 27, 2006 | 13:44

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Never short of innovations Microsoft is now offering users the chance to sample the latest Microsoft Office for free, through your browser - with no installation necessary.

Just jump over to its Microsoft Office Beta Test Drive page, (remembering to load up Internet Explorer) and you can try out the latest version of Office to see for yourself whether the benefits are worth splashing the cash.

Microsoft Business Division President, Jeff Raikes, confirmed that plans to release Office 2007 later this year to its larger corporate customers with the mainstream getting it around January were still on target. So far the beta version of the product, which was released back in May, has had over 2.5 million downloads.

The new strategy from Microsoft is most probably in direct retaliation to the ever growing popularity of free open source based rival products such as Open Office, forcing Microsoft to go that extra length to entice customers to stay within the fold.

Other incentives include new features such as Sharepoint Server and Groove, peer to peer products that will enhance business collaboration, as well as more novel features that involve improved customisability and mini toolbars with common features popping up every time you highlight text. Surprisingly, Microsoft is changing the standard default font Times New Roman with a new Windows Vista font called Calibri.

Despite the negligible changes for the majority of Microsoft Office users, the product will almost undoubtedly prove a success with it shipping as part of PC packages from the majority of the high street retailers.

Let us know over in the forums whether you think Office 2007 will be a useful addition to your software catalogue or whether you will stick with what you've got.
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