Online child ID card to stop paedophiles

Written by Ryan Garside

August 3, 2006 | 11:02

Tags: #alex #card #id #internet #paedophile

An ingenious idea has been devised by new company NetIDme, in an attempt to protect children from online paedophile predators.

The card will cost parents £9.99 per year and will provide their child with an identification that proves they are in fact minors. This is then backed up by the signature of the child’s school, a teacher or a doctor. This is then doubly verified with confidential checks working in conjunction with the police.

The idea, attributable primarily to NetIDme founder and concerned father Alex Hewitt, was developed when he discovered that his daughters online message account included one hundred identities that he did not recognise. With a rise in online sex attacks, like this one reported only yesterday, this attempt really is a step in the right direction. Mr Hewitt had this to say:

"Because the internet is an anonymous place, predators can get away with it. This system removes the anonymity which is the main problem of the internet and provides traceability.

"The system is not 100 per cent - what we're doing is raising the bar. It's easy for these guys on the internet to get access to children but we are raising the bar to deter them."

Although not completely foolproof yet the move to prevent a crime that truly represents the darker side of the internet can only be a good thing. Let us know your reactions over in the forums.
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