Pensioner becomes YouTube star

Written by Ryan Garside

August 15, 2006 | 10:45

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For some older folk the internet can seem a daunting and impenetrable arena. However, for one plucky British YouTube user, known as Geriatric1927 (his name reflects the year he was born), the internet has instantly boosted him into stardom.

The pensioner, who after only a week was topping YouTube subscriber lists, was featured in free daily paper Metro on Monday. Since then his video blog has exploded in popularity, earning him 347,462 views and 14,045 subscribers, you can check him out over on his main page.

Our column about internet fame last week seems fitting for Peter, who in an internet so full of copycats, has managed to truly add something unique and original. In fact the blog has seemed to inspire a younger generation of internet video watchers, with fans leaving comments like:

"It's great that someone from your generation has chosen to share their views on life, and a shame more elderly people don't too."

"I don't have a grandpa, but if I could choose, I'd want you to be mine!"

However, Peter too is thankful for his YouTube experience saying in his first video diary:

"I just need to say thank you ... this YouTube experience has been one of the major changes and breakthroughs in my life and given me a whole new world to experience."

What do you make of this internet phenomenon? Are you interested in the thoughts of an old man? Will you watch his video blog? Let us know your thoughts on the issue over in the forums.
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