People like podcasts

Written by Wil Harris

July 21, 2006 | 14:58

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6% of US internet users are listening to podcasts, according to US research firm Nielsen.

Conducting a study of 1700 individuals, Nielsen said that the average podcast listened to was 44 minutes in length.

Nielsen said:

"While essentially still in nascent form, podcasts offer free audio and video content that is inexpensive to create, easy to access and on a portable platform that has already reached mass distribution. This exciting new medium has only just begun to stretch its legs."

A recent Forrester report concluded that the most popular podcast content was generally commercially available radio content repackaged for the web, such as Chris Moyle's Radio 1 show.

However, independently produced podcasts - such as Leo Laporte's This Week In Tech and Violet Blue's Open Source Sex have had incredible success with little more than Skype and a Plantronics headset.

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