Rumour: Google woos iTMS?

Written by Jason Cundall

August 16, 2005 | 13:10

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If the rumours are true, two colossi of the internet are pondering an alliance. Just the speculation alone of an iTunes / Google collaboration was enough to help send Apple stock to all time highs before the weekend:

Shares of Apple Computer set an all-time high on Friday following a disappointing report from Dell and amid rumours of an iTunes partnership with Google.

According to a report on, rumours are abound that Apple is set to announce a deal with Google that would allow the search giant to offer a version of Apple's iTunes music store through its search site.

Such a deal would effectively pair the nation's leading online music store with its leading search engine, exposing legal music download options to the broadest of internet audiences.

An Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the report, citing a company policy of not commenting on "rumours and speculation."

More from AppleInsider here.

Do we put any credence in these rumours? Well, if you go by the last lot of scuttlebutt generated by the analysts on Wall Street, you'd have to say yes - as they correctly anticipated the Apple / Intel deal... And what would such an alliance mean for other music services? The most popular search engine on the planet tied to the most popular online music store? The mind boggles.

As for Apple not commenting on "rumours and speculation" - sounds like plausible deniablility to us. If true, Apple will be the first to laud such a move as the best thing since sliced bread, once the ink has dried and Steve anounces the deal.

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