RSI an increasing problem

Written by Glen Chivers

June 10, 2006 | 10:29

Tags: #rsi

RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) has been a major issue in the IT industry for a few years now, and statistics have shown injuries to be on the increase year on year, with more gadgets and computers putting strain on people's hands and arms.

The iPod was recently blasted for having an interface which results in users having to use unnatural movement of their thumbs to control the unit and today experts worry about the increasing rate of RSI injuries, especially in children. Keyboards, game controllers, iPods and poor seating position all contribute to RSI.

From the BBC:

"As mobile phone technology develops, mobiles are getting smaller, with buttons closer together. Small, fine movements tend to aggravate more than larger movements - this coupled with the smaller buttons can lead to injury as smaller buttons are harder to activate."

This could pave way to more lawsuits and courts may be in favour of sufferers who claim that poor product design is a factor of RSI.

RSI occurs when a particular part of the body is put under continuous strain without rest causing damage to muscles and nerves. The result is pain around the affected areas and loss of movement and feelings, obviously after these injuries occur it then becomes difficult to continue using computers and gadgets. A lot of people get pain of some sort eventually but tend to ignore it.

Reducing RSI - is it the responsibility of the manufacturer or the user? Tell us what you think in the forums.
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