Robo Humvee aces enduro test

Written by Jason Cundall

July 13, 2005 | 11:59

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Things are looking up for a successful Grand Challenge this year, after a previous entrant into the DARPA run competition (Think of it as the X-Prize for Robo-cars) has driven itself around a racetrack - unaided by human intervention - for seven hours straight:

A robotic Humvee has managed to drive itself for seven hours without crashing on a race course in the US.

The robotic vehicle built by Red Team Robot Racing from Carnegie Mellon University covered 200 miles (322 kilometres) during the trial.

The test was part of preparations for a robot vehicles race across the Mojave desert organised by the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The race, called the Grand Challenge, is due to be held on 8 October.

The aim of the competition is to encourage research into robot vehicles. To win a cash prize of $2m (£1.13m), the autonomous racers must make their own way across the desert course within a specified time limit.

More from the BBC here.

I guess the odds on Sandstorm have just shortened dramatically... But running on a racetrack and careering through the Mojave desert are two completely different things. Still, it throws the gauntlet down to the other competitors!

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