SCO Email warns of no copyright infringement

Written by Jason Cundall

July 15, 2005 | 15:46

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An email posted on the Grocklaw website yesterday claims that an Internal SCO investigation into Linux showed no copyright infringing code. The email has since been authenticated by SCO, but the Teflon coated excuse-meister's have already started to obfuscate the issue:

A 2002 e-mail suggests that an investigation commissioned by The SCO Group failed to produce any evidence that Linux contained copyrighted Unix code.

The e-mail, which was sent to SCO Group CEO Darl McBride by a senior vice president at the company, forwards on an e-mail from a SCO engineer. In the Aug. 13, 2002, e-mail, engineer Michael Davidson said "At the end, we had found absolutely nothing ie (sic) no evidence of any copyright infringement whatsoever."

The e-mail was posted Thursday to Internet law site Groklaw.

SCO sued IBM in 2003 for more than $1 billion, alleging that IBM had misappropriated Unix technology to which SCO claimed intellectual property rights.

A SCO representative told CNET that the e-mail was authentic, but noted that the e-mail doesn't say when the SCO investigation took place or what tools were used.

"That e-mail probably creates a lot more questions than it answers," SCO spokesman Blake Stowell said. "We'll be fully prepared to address that, but we will be doing that in a court setting if it is necessary."

An IBM representative declined to comment.

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The case just gets weaker and weaker with every episode of this ongoing farce. Can you see any way that SCO could possibly win this case? I can't. I guess it's all a face saving exercise now on the part of the SCO top brass. They've shovelled so much cash at this non-existent case, they may as well go through with it. But hey, the mighty SS SCOTanic is their ship. I guess they're entitled to go down with it...

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