Sandisk seizures overturned

Written by Brett Thomas

September 8, 2006 | 17:25

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It was only earlier this week that we reported on Sisvel winning an injunction against Sandisk for the MP3 abilities on the Sansa player. After a German court found in favor of the Italian patent holder, officials went into the IFA show in Berlin, stripping Sandisk's booth down to just a couple items. It now seems that they should have waited - the injunction has been overturned.

First, there is a little expansion to the story we published on the fifth. Sandisk was not the only one to have its booth cleaned out in Sisvel's injunction, though little attention was given to the 18 other companies that were stripped of wares at the IFA show. The actual act occurred on September 1st, the starting date of the show.

Sandisk prevailed in its challenge of the injunction on Sept. 5th, which let it display its wares finally on the last day of the show, Sept. 6th. The company continues to deny any patent infringement. Sisvel, not happy with the overturning, has appealed the decision.

If Sandisk ends up prevailing again, one would have to wonder if there would not be some legal recompense for the company's losses due to the IFA debacle. Aside from an impossible to determine amount of damages for its inability to advertise, the company must be at least a little embarassed for the inappropriate spectacle at the start of the show. On top of that, these shows are far from free to participate in - the costs of a show floor, booth hardware, payroll, and products can quickly get into tens of thousands of quid.

Whatever the result, it seems we've got quite a legal storm brewing on the horizon. Do you have a thought on it? Let us know in our forums.
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