Sensor laden clothes alert users of nearby idiots

Written by Joe Martin

April 5, 2007 // 12:51 p.m.

Here at bit-tech we are forever trying to avoid our flocking fans. Really, the amount of groupies is more of a burden then you'd imagine. Thank the lord then that the inventive minds at the InsideOut Project have developed a suit to help us avoid such unwanted attention.

Essentially a sensor laden corset and scarf set, the suit is designed to alert wearers of situations they may want to avoid but not immediately notice.

Want to avoid stumbling into a crowd of pre-pubescent teenie boppers or want to be alerted if there are CCTV cameras nearby that may interfere with your nefarious schemes? This is the suit for you!

Worn beneath your normal clothes, the suit alerts users of their pre-selected anxieties by suddenly getting hot or cold. Or both if the pop-addicted children are all carrying video cameras.

Warned in advance, wearers are then able to avoid these situations or, more likely, they'll become more noticeable as they try to tear off their boiling hot clothes in the middle of the street.

Have something you want to say about this? Then pop into the forums and let us know -- it's completely and utterly safe. Honest.
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