Sony OK's legal file sharing

Written by Jason Cundall

August 23, 2005 | 13:59

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The Big S has inked a deal with Playlouder MSP to allow Playlouders customers to freely share and distribute Sony copyrighted music content to other members of the Playlouder service:

The first net service provider aimed at people who want to share music legally has struck a significant deal with global music giant Sony BMG.

Playlouder MSP, launching at the end of September, will let its customers share Sony licensed music with others on its network.

In return, Playlouder will pool some of its broadband subscriptions to share with music rights owners.

The deal is seen as a groundbreaking move to use file-sharing legally.

More from the BBC here

And it looks as if you can use your favourite P2P app to share that content - as they will track files using embedded digital fingerprints. How successful that will be remains to be seen, as I'm sure that once the files are out in the wild and left to the tender mercies of the hacking fraternity, those fingerprints will get a virtual acid bath ASAP...

So what do you all think? A brave new world for legal P2P, or marketing gimmick on the part of Sony BMG? Discuss, as always in our plushly decorated news forum here.
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