Anti-Spyware Tool is Trap

Written by Jason Cundall

May 27, 2005 | 12:56

A 'rogue' anti-spyware tool known as SpywareNo is doing the rounds at the moment, and it has Security experts worried over it's actions. The software is installed without warning, it difficult to get rid of and is getting unsuspecting Internet users to download spyware programs and Trojans:

The program, SpywareNo, is installed on Internet users' computers without warning, can be difficult to remove and may be accompanied by malicious programs that hijack victims' Web browsers, according to interviews with spyware experts.

The company behind the new tool claims that it is the victim of unscrupulous online advertisers who bundle the product with noxious wares.

But at least one spyware expert says the new application is just the latest example of so-called "rogue anti-spyware" programs that exploit user naiveté and frustration with spyware.

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So - legitimate tool that's been subverted by unscrupulous advertisers, or cunningly designed trap from the get go? Have you been caught out by SpywareNo? Let us know over in the News Discussion Forum.
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