WiFi takes to the skies again, this time with United

Written by Jason Cundall

June 7, 2005 | 18:49

Tags: #wifi #wireless-network

Passengers in the the US will be able to get a taste of what German fliers have had for a while now, after the FAA agreed to let United Airlines run wireless networking on it's flights. Lufthansa has been had WiFi equpped planes for some time, but United will be the first US carrier to employ the technology:

CHICAGO (Reuters)—United Airlines on Monday said it received government approval to install equipment on planes that eventually will give passengers wireless Internet access on flights.

United, a unit of UAL Corp., is the first domestic airline to win Federal Aviation Administration approval to equip its planes with technology what provides Wi-Fi, a short-range signal used for connecting laptop computers to the Internet.

"Our research shows that connecting to the Internet is customers' most preferred form of communication to the ground, and this certification is a crucial step to bring this in-flight wireless access to our customers," said Dennis Cary, United's senior vice president in charge of marketing.

The No. 2 largest U.S. airline and Verizon Airfone received FAA approval after the two companies demonstrated that the use of wireless technology within the cabin does not affect the aircraft's operation.

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