Widget Worries Persist for Apple

Written by Jason Cundall

May 23, 2005 | 13:12

Tags: #widgets

Companies: #apple

The latest update to OSX may have closed some issues with Tiger's widgetry, but concerns still abound over the self contained applications ability to take control of a users' admin privileges on the targeted Mac, according to reports:

Widgets, or small programs that automatically install after downloading, were introduced in Tiger for the Dashboard, which overlays the desktop. An attacker could write a malicious widget for Mac OS X 1.4 Tiger that would run invisibly in the background and hijack a user's "sudo," or administrative, privileges on a system, according to an alert distributed on the Full Disclosure mailing lists late Wednesday. With administrative privileges, the attacker would have full control over the targeted Mac.

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Why, exactly, would a widget ever need administration rights / privileges? And with that in mind, why have Apple allowed it? I've got to agree with Zdziarski on this - it's an issue that should have been addressed in the previous security release. What say you?
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