iPod + Winamp + ml_iPod = Joy?

Written by Jason Cundall

May 24, 2005 | 13:02

Tags: #itunes #winamp

There are plenty of people who have an iPod, but don't want to use iTunes. Well, they don't have to - an enterprising chap in the UK has taken over development of a Winamp plugin, that allows windows users to ditch Apple's software. The latest version of the plugin has just been released, and allows you to do all sorts of things you wouldn't be able to do with Cupertino's app:

The plug-in, called ml_iPod, allows iPod users to bypass iTunes and manage music collections in Winamp instead. The iPod is supposed to work with iTunes only. A new version of the software was released Monday.

Justin Frankel, creator of Winamp and the open-source peer-to-peer software Gnutella, initially developed ml_iPod, but programming was taken over by Will Fisher, a computer science student in the U.K.

Fisher and other developers programmed a slew of features, including the ability to synch multiple iPods with Winamp, create smart playlists and -- the most useful option -- the ability to copy songs from an iPod onto a hard drive.

More details at Wired.

Interesting huh? iTunes is certainly a resource hog on Windows, something highlighted in the article - so the plug in will be of special interest for those iPod owners that have yet to make the leap to XP or have lower spec machines.

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