Windows Vista prices leaked

Written by Ryan Garside

August 29, 2006 | 11:16

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Microsoft has accidentally released the price plan for the upcoming Vista operating system. Realising the mistake, however, prices were quickly pulled from the Canadian website they were published on!

The slip up, spotted by blogger Ed Bott, provided the initial retail prices for the new operating system. Here are the prices he spotted (all prices have been roundly converted from Canadian Dollars):

FULL versions
  • Windows Vista Ultimate £250
  • Windows XP Professional w/SP2 £215
  • Windows Vista Business £189
  • Windows Vista Home Premium £150
  • Windows Vista Home Basic £130
  • Windows XP Home w/SP2 £30

UPGRADE versions
  • Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade £150
  • Windows XP Professional w/SP2 Upgrade £130
  • Windows Vista Business Upgrade £125
  • Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade £100
  • Windows Vista Home Basic Upgrade £65
  • Windows XP Home w/SP2 Upgrade £65
If you’re wondering what the rather dramatically named Windows Vista Ultimate package includes, then allow me to explain: Windows Vista Ultimate includes all of the current multimedia capabilities of Windows XP Media Centre Edition, a new 3D graphical interface called Aero as well as enhanced security features aimed at enticing small businesses to take it up. Sounds like it should be suited for everyone then.

The price system looks quite good value when compared to other Windows products on the market. Considering how quickly the Windows products are pirated though, one would imagine that a lot of people using the operating system next year probably won’t care about these numbers, as they won’t be paying for it anyway.

Despite pulling the prices off the web rather quickly, The Register is reporting that Microsoft did in fact confirm their existence. What this probably means is that the prices are in fact accurate. In most cases people won’t be spending this kind of money on the operating system anyway, as Windows usually comes bundled with many of the high street’s home PC packages.

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