Net doyens decry XXX TLD

Written by Jason Cundall

June 3, 2005 | 13:08

Tags: #obscene #tld #top-level-domain #xxx

Companies: #icann

This week has seen the approval of the new .xxx top level domain, after several years of proposals and rejections for the porno TLD. Hot on the heels of this news comes the moral backlash - led by some of the great and the good of the net:

The creation of the .xxx net domain has come under fire from net veterans.

The decision was called "obscene" by Karl Auerbach, former board member of Icann which approved the .xxx plan.

Mr Auerbach said Icann should be giving priority to socially positive domain name proposals rather than helping pornographers profit.

The decision was also called "dangerous" by net privacy campaigner Lauren Weinstein, who said it could provoke censorship problems for years.

More from the BBC here.

Agree with the sentiments expressed in the article? Is a new TLD for adult content really going to exacerbate the already prevalent pornographic content of the web? Maybe you feel it will make things 'better', or that the online porn barons will just stick with the domains they're already in. Whatever your view, let us know in the news discussion forum.
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