Zend gives away Zend Platform to Studio users

Written by Wil Harris

June 1, 2006 | 13:27

Tags: #developer #roundup

We know that many of bit-tech's readers are closet code-hackers, so here's our pick of the week's news in development circles.

Zend is well known for its PHP development packages, including Zend Studio, which we at BitHQ are big fans of. Well, the company has announced that anyone buying Studio can also now get Zend Platform, its runtime optimisation platform, gratis. Zend says it should help cut down the time between code writing and code running on final platforms.

One of the major problems of writing software for the next-generation of PCs and consoles is that all of them require threading. New processors all have multiple cores, and getting the most out of them requires some pretty ingenious coding. Gamasutra has a cool tutorial on the best way to generate terrain using multiple threads.

Slashdot is a well-known breeding ground for debate, and one of the latest topics on the site will resonate with anyone who's done a Computing A-Level or similar. Everyone gets started on Visual Basic, but what happens when you can't stop? The thread starter is looking for excuses not to use the MS language in his latest developement project, and there's a fairly interesting discussion as to scenarios where the often-maligned VB should and shouldn't get a look-in.

Over in bit-tech's own discussion forums, resident code guru OneSeventeen is having some trouble getting OSX Widgets to work properly. Anybody care to help him out?

Finally, Tim Berners-Lee is well known as the godfather of the web, but now it seems he's keen to leverage the 'Web 2.0' movement started by Tim O'Reilly to further the goals of the W3C, the consortium that he presides over that is designed to keep the web in check. Social closed captioning of video blogs? Sounds interesting.

If we've missed some interesting developer news, let us know over in the forums, and be sure to give us your feedback on whether these snippets are of interest to you all.
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