Zune incompatible with Vista

Written by Ryan Garside

November 15, 2006 | 13:01

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A blog written by Mary Jo Foley over on ZD Net, is reporting that Microsoft's Zune MP3 player is currently incompatible with Windows Vista.

The reason for this unbelievable move is apparently Microsoft's desire to get the product out in time for the Christmas rush. Apple Insider is obviously revelling in the situation and has posted a picture (which you can see to the right) of the Zune's aborted installation. What will really tickle you is the woman in the background who will be the face of all Zune installations. Look closer and you'll probably end up as confused as us; is that her letting out a yelp of pleasure or is she distraught by the pair of lovers snogging right next to her? Either way it's all a bit mental.

Microsoft supporters will reply to this fiasco saying that Vista isn't even out yet. They are, of course, right - but the point remains, why is Microsoft releasing an operating system that doesn't work with one of their headline products straight away?

It's not all bad news for Vista though. The Inquirer is reporting that some hardware manufacturers are releasing 256MB PCI graphics cards that will allow users running old motherboards to use Vista with all the fancy interface graphics turned on. Diamond Multimedia's Viper X1300 PCI has both 256MB and Direct X 9.0 compatible, allowing you to run Vista with the nice Aero graphics turned on even if your PC is a relative dinosaur

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