Acer makes strides to take over the world

Written by Phil Cogar

October 29, 2007 | 12:38

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Acer has lowered it horns and is charging the competition. The company has posted a $90 million profit for the 2007 third quarter and very likely could now be the third largest computer manufacturer in the world.

In part, the growth of Acer has come thanks to the purchase of Gateway and PackardBell earlier this year. The company reportedly paid $710 million for Gateway but has been bucking a pending lawsuit from investors who seem to think that they weren't paid enough.

Gianfranco Lanci, President of Acer Inc, predicts that Acer will see a 10-20 percent sequential growth in revenues and profit and a 3-4 percent growth in market share. Acer currently holds 8.1 percent of the market but that could change as soon as the Gateway purchase is finalised.

Acer also predicts that the company will ship 25 million products with 70-80 percent being notebook computers.

No word yet on if Lanci thinks the company could have had a larger profit if Microsoft's Windows Vista wasn't part of the lineup.

Nearing the top of the list for the largest computer manufacturer in the world, does Acer actually make good kit or would you recommend your mum to buy something else? Leave your thoughts over in the forums.
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