AMD Epyc 7763 setup busts Cinebench R23 world record

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April 20, 2021 | 11:00

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AMD has claimed a new world record Cinebench R23 nT score with a system packing a pair of its Epyc 7763 CPUs. The 'feat' was shared on the latest episode of AMD's Bring Up vlog (9 minutes in), as embedded below. Spoiler: the segment isn't very glitzy, though hosts Bridget and Cavin did their best.

Server performance demo engineer at AMD, Apostolos Kotsiolis, talked about the benchmark attempt, and revealed the record-breaking methodology and scores. Disappointing the hosts somewhat in telling the tale of the world record attempt, Kotsiolis revealed that no esoteric cooling was used in the benchmarking runs, simple air cooling was used.

More information about the world record – and the successful grab for the #1 ranking in nT and 128T Cinebench R23 Multi Core scores is revealed at HWBot where Kotsiolis appears to go by the handle 'Blueleader'.  You can see that the 2x AMD Epyc 7763 'Milan' CPUs provided 128C/256T of compute and ran at 3.6GHz, reaching a temperature of 75°C under load. The system packed 512GB of DDR4 CL24 RAM at 3,200MHz. We don't know much else about the system than that.

The CB23 nT score of 113,566 points put Blue leader well ahead of the second place 105,170 points, achieved by Splave overclocking a 64C/128T AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X processor to 5.2GHz. The highest score in this benchmark using an Intel (Xeon Platinum 8280) is 45,731 points.

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