Analyst: AMD gains some market share

Written by Phil Cogar

September 13, 2007 | 08:24

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iSuppli Corp., a market analysis firm that is infamous for tearing apart Apple's products and giving a "bill of materials," has estimated that AMD actually gained some market share from Intel during the Q2 of 2007.

The company's estimate shows that AMD gained 2.5 percent of the market giving AMD 13.4 percent of the total microprocessor market revenue. Intel, on the other hand, lost two percent which dropped the company's lead down to 78.8 percent.

AMD’s performance in the second quarter of 2007 was both impressive and much needed, as the company managed to halt the three-quarter market share advance of archrival Intel,” said Matthew Wilkins, iSuppli principal analyst for compute platforms research.

If these figures are on the mark, this would be a shock to many people out there. iSuppli states that AMD's rebound is due to an increased number of shipments of notebook, desktop, and server processors. A lower price point could be the major factor in purchasing decisions.

AMD's market share peaked at around 20 percent in the beginning of 2006 but quickly lost much of it when Intel released its Core 2 Duo line of processors.

AMD could be facing a growing support of developers. When the company announced SSE5 instructions for its future processors, it also made the information available to developers. That wasn't a one time thing either, as yesterday AMD released over 600 pages of GPU specifications concerning the RV630 and M65 registers. An open source R500/600 driver is expected sometime next week.

Do you think iSuppli's estimations are right on the mark or are they a little high (or low) for AMD? Discuss it with us over in the forums.
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