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Written by Wil Harris

July 4, 2005 | 09:11

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Yet more AMD and Intel info this morning - expect this stuff to just keep whizzing in, and expect it to mostly come from the Inquirer, who have a speciality in picking up this stuff.

The first titbit is that Michael Dell, obviously of Dell computers, has been served with documents from AMD asking him to preserve various emails and correspondence which AMD believes might implicate Intel in nefarious dealings. Michael is one of a list of names, including Kevin Rollings, the Dell CEO, and Carly Fiorina - previously of HP. More on that here.

Meanwhile, 9 other large firms have been hit with similar orders. These firms include Best Buy in the US and Dixons in the UK, both of whom sell machines made up, mostly, of Intels.

Whilst these two firms have agreed to cooperate, apparently Toshiba is so far refusing. AMD has said it may get the court to issue compulsory orders if firms refuse to cooperate willingly.

The full list of companies on the AMD 'give us yer emails' list is in this article.

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