Apple kills off Xserve server range

November 5, 2010 | 14:23

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Apple has admitted defeat in the server market, officially announcing the impending death of its Xserve rack-mounted server range.

In a support document posted to its website, Apple states that it is 'transitioning away from Xserve,' and 'will not be developing a future version.'

The machines, shiny brushed aluminium units running Apple's Mac OS X Server, were never a particular winner in the market. The Xserve range was sold at a significant price premium over competing x86 server ranges from Dell, HP, and others, and while there was no denying its aesthetic appeal Apple missed a key point: servers are traditionally hidden where nobody can see them.

While the Xserve will continue to be an option for customers until the end of January 2011, after that point it will cease to be. Those customers looking for an Apple-based server alternative are pointed to the Mac Pro workstation and Mac Mini small form factor lines, which are available running Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server.

For customers who have already purchased an Xserve, Apple has confirmed that it will honour all warranties and extended support contracts for up to three years from the date of original purchase, stating that 'customers can rest assured that Intel-based Xserve systems will continue to provide useful service during and after this transition.'

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