Apple creating $9.99 movie download store?

Written by Wil Harris

June 20, 2006 | 09:03

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Rumours are rife that Apple is in the middle of creating a movie store for its iTunes service, with films available for a $9.99 download.

Steve Jobs is apparently in negotiations with a number of major film studios.

However, the sticking point seems to be the price model. Movie studios want to be able to charge different amounts for different movies - in the same way that it charges a premium for new releases on DVD today. However, Jobs is adamant that the flat-rate pricing model - the same way that music is handled on the store today - is the way forward.

There is speculation that distribution of the movies could be handled by a version of the BitTorrent client. Torrents are allegedly built into the next version of OSX, and speculation is that Music Store 'credits' could be gained for use of uploading bandwidth.

Jobs has a fair amount of weight in the entertainment industry now. Not only is he a major shareholder in Disney, but his iTunes Music Store has been heralded as a massive success by the music industry - although they nevertheless grumble at the terms they're forced to adopt. Apple's iPod is the dominant portable music player for playing downloaded tracks on.

Many are hoping that Jobs will have a new iPod to release alongside any potential movie download store, perhaps with a bigger, wider screen.

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