Apple and Google to work together on iTV

Written by Ryan Garside

September 18, 2006 | 12:16

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Google and Apple could be getting into bed with one another after rumours circulated about them working together on Apple's new iTV project.

iTV, which is due for release early next year priced $299, will allow users to watch content stored on their PC on their home television. The service offered is quite similar to products already on the market such as Wintal set top boxes and even Microsoft's Xbox 360, which can work in conjunction with Vista or Media Centre to play content from your networked PC.

Once again it would appear that Apple hope to overpower everyone else in the market and make their product the industry standard. The help of Google, and access to the millions of downloadable Google videos, will certainly be a positive move for Apple. Surely though, Youtube would be a better company to pair with?

The Register puts forward an interesting perspective: media devices will never take off until downloadable content becomes more financially viable than going to your local Blockbusters and renting a movie. However, I have to disagree. As more of us spend large amounts of money on high definition television sets and top of the range home cinema surround sound systems, Apple new iTV product seems logical. It's a WI-FI enabled product that simply jumps into your computer, downloads the content of choice and plays it.

With the mass rollout of broadband - movie and television piracy has become widespread. The situation, from Apple's point of view is quite similar to when they launched their iPod all those years ago. Lots of people already have the illegal content, Apple are simply providing the most functional means to enjoy it.

Would you watch Google videos on your 42" high-def Plasma screen? Or has Apple bitten off more than it can chew? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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