Asahi unveils robotic barman

Written by Joe Martin

July 3, 2008 | 09:10

Tags: #beer #harris #robot #wil

Companies: #asahi

At bit-tech, we like to think we've got quite cool jobs, but it seems there's always someone out there who has to go and push it to the next level - in this case ex-bit-tech editor and current ChannelFlip front-man Wil Harris.

Wil was out at an event in Selfridges recently and although browsing the latest fashions might not sound as cool as playing the latest games, it does kind of take the biscuit when he's getting served beer by a robotic barman!

Unveiled by Asahi Beer, Mr Asahi is being hailed as the first robotic beer dispenser and took eight mere mortals over 200 man-hours to put together.

The final construction weighs in at just over quarter of a tonne and can deftly dish out bottled beers or pints of your favourite ale - it can even provide a sensitive metallic shoulder for you to lean on in times of need.

We wouldn't expect Mr Asahi to be turning up in a club or pub near you anytime soon, but the technology is interesting as a proof of concept nonetheless and we for one would definitely welcome our robotic bar-dwelling overlords should they ever manage to link up with Skynet.

What do you reckon to Mr Asahi? Cool and refreshing, or flawed and foamy? Check out the video over at Channelflip and then let us know what you think in the forums.
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