Asus introduces Poseidon watercooled graphics cards

Written by Edward Chester

June 4, 2013 | 18:12

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Asus has introduced a new concept in graphics card coolers called Asus Poseidon, which uses a conventional air cooler and incorporates water-cooling connections.

Not officially announced for any particular card yet, the new cooler system was shown on a dual-slot card that uses a centrally mounted fan that exhausts air through the back, front and top of the card. This air cooler should, on its own, provide ample cooling for conventional usage. However, by incorporating a waterblock and G1/4in connections, the card can also be converted to a water-cooled part.

Asus claimed a 31degrees Celsius drop in temperatures when using the water-cooling, also inferring that it would reduce temperatures while reducing noise. It was also indicated that the user would have the choice of running the fan in conjunction with the water cooler for even better cooling performance.

Asus was unwilling to reveal the chip/card for which the system had been developed, though it seemed - by the size of the card - likely to be either an Nvidia GTX 780 or AMD HD 7970, suggesting the system will be able to cope with high-power cards.

There are many reasons to have reservations about Poseidon, including that the extra surface area required to make for an efficient air cooler will mean a higher-cost and a bulkier card than a conventional water-cooled card, but on a higher level the concept has merits: in theory users will be able to buy the card and use it in an air-cooled mode until such time that they can afford or have the time to fit the card into a water cooling loop.

No direct indication was given as to when Poseidon would be making a debut but it seems likely that if it is to arrive it will do so around Q4.

Would you consider buying an air-cooled card with the idea of potentially upgrading to a water-cooled system, or does Poseidon seem like a concept too far? Let us kno your thoughts in the forums.
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