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Written by Wil Harris

September 22, 2005 | 22:02

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The same, but different

"Welcome to bit-tech forums. As you may be aware, this is one of the biggest and busiest forums in the enthusiast community, with about 21,000 members coming from about 30 different countries, each with their own background, culture and language. Each member brings their own knowledge and enthusiasm to the pot and every new member is considered a valuable addition.

Because the bit-tech community is so large and diverse, it is important that some basic rules of conduct and guidelines are agreed on, so that everyone can join in equally and enjoy their stay. These rules and guidelines are based on mutual respect and consideration. They are designed to be similar to the house rules of any establisment where people might meet to enjoy sharing interests, views, experiences, knowledge and opinions."

Thus begins the new rules to our forums, which have been updated today. We have been working hard to ensure that the forums stay a brilliant place for you guys to discuss bit-tech's content, as well as posting your own technical queries and your modding Project Logs.

With any growing community, it can be hard to keep things under control, and these latest changes are a bid to keep things fun and fair for all.

Not only have the rules changed, but we've introduced some great new features, too.


Project Logs: Perhaps the biggest change is to the Project Logs forum. This is easily our most popular section on the forum - it's the place where you, the reader, can post up your own modding project for others to look at, which you can update as work progresses.

One of the major complaints we had from readers was that it was a real pain to have to scroll through pages and pages of comments just to get to the next update from the original author. To get around this, we've created two new sections of the forum, one for the author to post the log and another for discussion of logs. By keeping discussion separate from the logs themselves, things should be neater and far easier to read.

New forums: We are also introducing a new forum for Home Theatre and Media Center PCs. PCs are going to start inflitrating more and more living rooms, and this is going to be the place to debate the hardware you're going to put in your machine, the best software to run on it, and the best accessories to pair up with it.

We are also introducing a forum for new bit-tech readers. This will be a flame-free area where users can get posting help and advice, rather than doing all the wrong things in all the wrong places. Hopefully this should encourage friendly introductions to the forums!

Posting code of conduct: Through the new rules, we are requiring people to think a little bit harder about how and when they post. We want to make sure that the forums aren't filled with random junk, or with appalling spelling and grammar. We hope that this will really increase the quality of the content being posted.


So, apart from improving the forums, we're also launching a new competition. Sponsored by ECS, the contest is simple - the best Project Log posted in the new Project Logs forum in September wins an ECS KN1 motherboard. This is an nForce 4 for AMD board designed for enthusiasts, and which sports a nifty colour scheme perfect for your next project. You don't need to email us specifically to enter - simply move your existing Project Log into the new forum (reading the new rules, of course) or start a new Project Log as you begin your modding journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the forums!
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