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Written by bit-tech Staff

May 22, 2006 | 09:45

Tags: #itunes #john-c-dvorak #leo-laporte #patrick-norton #podcast #this-week-in-tech #twit #wil-harris

Wil Harris, Editor of this fine publication, is on the panel of TWiTs this week over at

This Week In Tech is the most popular technology podcast on iTunes and is hosted by Leo Laporte, ex-chief-honcho of the much-lamented TechTV channel in the States. Many of TWiT's guests are ex-TechTV personalities, with names like Kevin Rose, Patrick Norton and John C. Dvorak all regulars.

Wil gives his take on new UK crypto laws, the Apple MacBook, a raft of lawsuits and also contributes to the witty and informative banter (at least, that's what this scrap of paper just passed to us says).

Go grab the podcast and have a listen - it'll brighten up your day.
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