Bye bye AllofMP3... or not

Written by Dan Boaden

July 4, 2007 | 14:26

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Over the last few years has been a frequent feature in the news and many have followed the site's continuous struggle against the high profile lawsuits filed against it on behalf of the record labels.

Its legal struggles seemed insurmountable as huge corporate businesses tackled the site's policies and rights. It didn’t take a sharp eyed reader to realise that wasn’t going to hang round long and sooner or later it would have to bow out and pull the plug on the whole operation.

The final reasons for this decision are unknown, as reported by Engadget:

“It's not clear at this point whether AllOfMP3 was shut down due to an internal decision or an external mandate.”

However, the loss of didn’t seem to phase the MediaServices guys too much as a new copy of the website was launched at It is possible that this is in protest of the closure of the original site or to show the community that they won’t bow out without a fight.

Those crazy Russians are up to no good again.

What are your thoughts on the closure of How long do you think this new site will last? Let us know your thoughts.
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