Carmack bringing entire id catalogue to iPhone

Written by Joe Martin

June 30, 2009 | 12:35

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John Carmack has revealed that, even though the id Software has just been bought out by Bethesda parent Zenimax Media, it won't change his plans to release plenty of iPhone games.

In fact, as well as working on a series of new titles for the platform, Carmack is planning to bring nearly all of id Software's back catalogue to the iPhone.

Speaking in an interview with Touch Arcade Carmack mentioned that he has great plans for the iPhone platform and, in addition to making Wolfenstein 3D and the just-released Doom: Resurrection for the iPhone, he plans to release a glut of other Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein games.

That includes an upcoming remake of the original Doom games called Doom Classic, which will be expanded with downloable content packs that'll add in everything from Doom 2, Thy Flesh Consumed, Final Doom and The Master Levels and will come with WiFi multiplayer. Also on the list are Quake and Quake 2 iPhone ports, the Wolfenstein RPG and Doom RPG. Carmack also hints at a possible Quake 3 port, but doesn't commit to the project.

Nor is is all just remakes either - a Doom 2 RPG will follow shortly after the original game and id Software is currently in talks about making Doom ++ - an entirely new and modernised Doom game with new levels and an original story. Even Rage will be getting a brand new iPhone game too.

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