Cheap HD DVD players on the way

Written by Phil Cogar

August 30, 2007 | 12:43

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If you've been waiting to decide which high-definition format you're going to side with due to prices, then this might be the push for you. Venturer Electronics, a company primarily known for budget priced consumer electronics, has announced its first HD DVD player for the North American market.

The SHD7000 will offer 1080i video output over an HDMI connection, ethernet connectivity, Dolby TrueHD and the ability to upconvert standard DVDs to "near HD picture quality."

An exact price hasn't been announced but retail prices are expected to be one of the lowest. Of course you can expect to see it on the shelves shortly as the holiday product push is coming up on us very fast.

If you don't feel like waiting another month or so before you pick up your HD player, then there's a deal for you going on right now over at With the purchase of a PS3 or HD DVD add-on for the 360, you'll get eight free movies of your choice. Of course the HD DVD bundled King Kong counts as one of your movies so you only get seven HD DVD movies of your choice.

If that sounds like it's something up your alley, then head on over to Amazon's high-definition section to get a full list of eligible titles.

Is a cheaper price going to be the primary factor behind your purchasing decision or are you still holding out for a definitive winner? Tell us your thoughts over in the forums or in the comment section below.
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